Why a Master’s in Political Management Will Help You Win Friends and Influence People

Political scientists and those with political management education are not just interested in systems and structures, but also in the well being of people and the bettering of communities around them. As such, a degree in political management is one step of many to gain leadership tools that not only help individuals create lasting change, but also improve their career mobility and satisfaction.

The leadership skills associated with political management careers are geared towards increasing influence and engaging people for the sake of social change. This type of learning ensures professionals will develop gratifying interpersonal relationships and learn to leverage influence wherever their careers may take them. Here is why:

Those with the ability to communicate a vision and keep people on board are the professionals who will most effectively be able to initiate enduring change. The knowledge and expertise gained in a political management programs produces graduates who can see problems clearly, articulate next steps and goals, and do this all in the context of a greater vision.

The breadth of influence that a solid and compelling vision can create is contingent on the skills to be able to cast it. Following a leader is about following their vision and going where they go. Political management graduates learn the persuasion and vision-casting skills that create natural leaders.

Within the context of vision is not only the ability to have it, but the capacity and skills to communicate it clearly, effectively, and create on ramps for others to engage with content, ideas, strategies and visions.

Political management graduates are prepared to become compelling public speakers, to influence people through verbal or written communication, to form policy and to move teams forward. They are effective and clear communicators – a valuable and rare skill highly sought after in today’s job market.

Networking and Mobility
The reality of making friends and influencing people is that you are often only as effective as the networks that you develop. With the skills of effective and clear communication combined with the plethora of benefits of being vision driven and persuasive, political management graduates have the skills to connect with and befriend powerful and interesting people around the world.

With these networks do not just come friends, but also the benefits of job opportunities for upward mobility. Friends and networks are primary sources that companies and agencies use to hire new people and also determine what sort of roles professionals are offered.

With the leadership skills garnered in a political management program, professionals set themselves up to make friends and be highly influential across all fields or work, study, and spaces in their lives, all while attaining high paying work that has the potential to change the world.

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