How to Change the Political System (It’s Not What You Think)

When we think of changing systems and structures in the world, the prospect can be very daunting. The reality is that everyone wants to see the world changed for the better, but most people are not willing to do the work that it takes to become agents of change. The political system is no different. With a wide array of stereotypes about what it means to be involved in politics and the many levels of complexity associated with doing so, it may seem nearly impossible to create change. However, with passion and the right kind of education, there are many ways to contribute to positive and lasting change in the political system.

Become an Insider
Those with education and experience in political management are the most well suited to bring change by offering critiques and solutions to real world problems. They are often the most invested and the most influential; with networks on the inside and a more expansive knowledge of how leaders, systems, and programs work, people who work on the inside can change the political system.

Influence Policy and Law
New sets of eyes are always needed to influence, produce, and implement new policy and bring new laws to fruition. Not only are those actively involved in law or legal systems able to create change through creating policy, but they are also able to best advise communities and systems on how best to implement them for the benefit of all. The benefits to seeing new policy better communities or create more efficient systems both locally and internationally make policy and law gratifying places to create lasting change.

Educate Others
Professionals with a passion for politics, justice, and social change are needed to rally together others who have an understanding and shared interest in changing the political landscape of any local, state, or federal political system. This also involves interacting with those affected by it such as mass media, activists, and social media users. Political scientists who go on to become educators see the benefits of helping others discover a passion for politics and government as well as see the change that they will bring to the world.

Impact Your Community
People with a background in politics experience the unique and gratifying benefits of their own communities being transformed. From taking positions in city planning and implementing new government and local systems, to joining or participating in local government, politically savvy people transform the system by transforming their communities first. The personal and system wide transformation that occurs when communities are developed creates more happy, healthy, and invested members. Activism is one way that politically engaged and educated people can push to create change that may not often be on the radars of elected or positional leadership.

The benefits of getting a degree in political management create space for graduates and professionals to generate lasting change with their work, the benefits of which span individuals’ lives, communities, and transforming systems and structures. These opportunities additionally make for more satisfying and rewarding professional careers as those who bring positive and lasting change to people around them experience higher degrees of job satisfaction.[1]

1. Spector, Paul E. Job Satisfaction: Application, Assessment, Causes and Consequences. Thousand Oaks, Ca: Sage, 1997. Print.

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