4 Examples of Successful Digital Campaign Strategies

In today’s technology-centered world, setting up a successful campaign without the use of digital strategies – like social networks, websites, blogs, and online advertising – is virtually impossible. How do you set your own campaign up for success? Take a look at these campaigns that have done well in the digital realm and how you can adopt their techniques.

1. The Obama Campaign

Obama’s 2012 campaign announced itself via an online video titled “It Begins With Us.” The use of technology didn’t end there. The team spent a reported $9.3 million on technology services and consulting.

What exactly did the campaign do with all this investment in tech? They used technology to measure their success. Then they used that data to tweak their techniques and provide even more value to voters and more success for the campaign.

What can you learn from this? Investing in the tools to track your success can lead to even bigger successes. Don’t be afraid to look at the data and tweak your strategies.

2. Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Watch the video:


In 2013, Dove released a video as part of its Real Beauty Sketches campaign. The short video featured a forensic artist who drew pictures of what women described themselves as and then what strangers described the same women as. The strangers’ perceptions were often a more beautiful and accurate representation of what the women looked like.

What did this earn Dove? According to Business Insider:

• 114 million views in just one month.
• Third most-shared ad of all time.
• 1,800 blog posts written about the campaign.
• Exposure in 25 languages and 110 countries.

What is Dove’s secret to success? They send a hugely emotional message and made the content sharable.

What can you learn from this? If you’re going to run a wildly successful campaign, you have to connect with your audience’s emotions.

3. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This viral campaign was started to raise money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. What really made this campaign take off, however, was its integration with social media. The idea was for participants to film themselves pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on their heads, post the film on social media, and nominate others. If you were nominated, you would either have to donate to ALS research or do the ice bucket challenge. Many participants did both.

Since this campaign spread so quickly over social media, it raised more than $100 million.

What can you learn from this? Successful digital campaigns involve integration with social media.

4. Coca Cola Move to the Beat

In 2012, Coca Cola ran a campaign called “Move to the Beat” in which they used Olympic hopefuls and their sports to create a song. It didn’t just stick to a TV commercial, however. It used a documentary, the song, television, Beat TV, and mobile apps called “The Global Beat” to target teen customers. That earned them more than 25 million video views, 242 million social media impressions, and 1.5 million new Facebook fans.

What can you learn from this? Be relevant. Be timely. Connect to your audience’s interests.

Learn more about how to run a successful digital campaign here.

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