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There have been many U.S. presidents since the birth of the United States of America, President George Washington being the first. America has seen plenty of presidents come and go, and each one has their own unique history and important legacy that they have left behind. Our presidents have shaped the country in many ways, from creating new laws and rules to displaying unique personalities and interesting stories that have become a part of U.S. history. While there are two other branches of government that also play very important parts in shaping the nation, the president’s role within the executive branch is very special and powerful. Even if you’ve already learned a lot about the many different American presidents, there’s always something new and interesting to discover.

Presidential Pop Quiz

Find out just how much you really know about the president by playing this fun, interactive quiz. Answer five fun multiple choice questions to find out more about the history of some of our U.S. presidents.

Presidents of the United States

Learn about each of the presidents who has served in order from the very first to the last. Each link will take you to more information about their history including election results, important events in history, and even a few fun and interesting facts about each one.

The Presidents

From the Whitehouse website, learn more about each of the U.S. presidents. This website has a link for each individual president and you can click on their name to learn more about them. See photos, read their biography, and learn a wealth of fun facts.

Image Gallery

See paintings and actual photographs of each of the U.S. presidents. The list of images is presented in order from the first president up to our current president. When you click on the image, you’ll be taken to another page that will teach you more about each president and their story, as well as more interesting images.

Presidential Videos

Click here for several interesting, brief videos filled with fun facts about some of the U.S. presidents. You’ll learn more about some of the amazing firsts that happened with various presidents in America, as well as the history of the White House and why there are elephants and donkeys used to represent the two major political parties.

Presidential Timeline

This website displays images of some of our modern-day presidents. Click on the photo to be taken to a unique, interactive timeline that will show you many of the important events that happened during each president’s term. All these events helped to shape the history of America.

Which US President Are You?

Take this fun quiz to find out which one of the presidents most closely represents you. It’s a fun way to learn about the presidents and what they believed in. The quiz contains 17 easy multiple choice questions and you’ll have a good time finding out your results.

Presidents Word Search

This interactive word search game challenges you to find the names of several U.S. presidents. But hurry, you’re on a timer so you want to make sure you find all their names before time is up!

United States President Web Quest

Click on the link to go on a fun web quest dedicated to the many presidents of the United States. With this web quest, you’ll have several tasks to complete that will help you learn more about our presidents. Follow the directions to create your very own presidential presentation.

Presidential Inaugural Addresses

This website highlights some quotes from a few of the most famous presidential inaugural speeches. You’ll find several excerpts from some of the most well-known quotes from those very special speeches along with real photographs from the events.

Impeached Presidents

Not all U.S. presidents stayed in power. Here, you will learn more about what impeachment is, which presidents were impeached, and what the process is for one to be impeached. The page is filled with interesting facts about the impeachment process.

You Choose: Meet the Candidates

This page has a few fun facts about the two main candidates who ran for president in 2016. Learn more about the favorite foods and more of both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. It’s an interesting way to get to know the two presidential candidates in a whole new light.

Prints and Photographs

If you’ve always wondered what the presidents looked like, this website shows you actual photographs and portraits of each U.S. president. You can also see images of the many first ladies, as well as the U.S. vice presidents. It’s a good way to discover what our presidents, their wives, and our vice presidents dressed like in the past.

Inaugural Activities and Discussion Questions

This is a list of fun activities and questions to discuss about the presidential inauguration. There are activities you can try at school or at home as well as some interesting questions and answers that will teach you more about the importance of the president and the inauguration process.

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour

Take a unique virtual tour of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home in Virginia. You will get to see the many artifacts inside Mount Vernon as well as how our very first president lived. Each arrow will direct you to a different room of the house as well as the gardens and more.

Presidential Fun Facts

Learn a few fun, fast facts about some of the U.S. presidents. There is a list of quick facts that you may not have known. Each one tells an interesting story about some of the presidents and the things they experienced.

Early Presidents Lesson Plan (PDF)

This lesson plan teaches young students more about the fist presidents in America. The lesson plan discusses George Washington all the way to the seventh president, Andrew Jackson.

Presidents Day

Read here to learn more about the holiday known as Presidents Day and how it has come to be a celebration of both famous Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

First Kids: A Lesson Plan

Many presidents also had children which are sometimes called the first kids. This lesson plan will teach you more about these children of American presidents and what roles they played in our history. See photos of some of the first kids and download the lesson plan to learn more about their interesting lives.

Presidential Life Portrait Videos

This link takes you to a series of videos showcasing the interesting lives of some of the U.S. presidents. Each video discusses the individual presidents, their history, and the important role they played in the government.

The Presidential Election: How it Works

Have you ever wanted to know just how a presidential election really works? Read this website to discover more about the process from the very beginning primary stages to debates, voting, and more.

Brief Biography of Thomas Jefferson

This site talks about the life of Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president. Discover more about his home at Monticello, his important role in helping to write the Declaration of Independence, and the things he did while he served as President.

We the People: The Executive Branch (PDF)

This PDF has lots of information about the president and includes interesting photos, facts, and a lesson plan. Learn all about this important part of the United States government and discover the role of the president and their limits on power as well as how the branch is organized.

President’s Day Quiz

Take this fun quiz to learn more about President’s Day and some of the most famous presidents. Each of the different multiple-choice questions asks you more about the U.S. presidents’ various roles they played in shaping the country as well as facts about their lives.

Positively Presidential

This quiz asks some fun questions about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You will learn more about what made them so popular and famous, and you’ll even learn more about their personal quirks.

Abraham Lincoln Speech Timelines

This unique website takes you through several interactive timelines in regards to some of the most famous speeches made by President Abraham Lincoln. Each timeline explains how the speeches came about and the events that lead Lincoln to say the things that he did during the speeches.

JFK Picture Book Biography

This is a fascinating look at the life of President John F. Kennedy. Through a series of pictures and text, you will learn more about his life before he became president, as well as the important time in history when he was elected.

The Executive Branch

This website has a brief description of what the executive branch is, and what the role of the president in America is. There are also some reference links at the bottom where you can learn more.

More Fun Facts about the US Presidents

This is a comprehensive list of the U.S. presidents along with their photo, when they served, and a fun fact on the right. Click on the presidents’ names for a picture as well as their birth date and when they died.

George Washington: Family Life

Click here to learn more about the family life of George Washington, America’s first president. There are also other resources on the page that will lead you to facts about his presidency, foreign and domestic affairs, and his life after he served as president.